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Legato Technologies provides outsourced software development, support, and colocation services to a broad range of customers in various industries.  We are headquartered in Orange County, California, and are privately held and independently owned and operated.

We have extensive experience in software development on the IBM i platform, with an emphasis on using web technologies to modernize legacy applications.  We also have extensive experience implementing and integrating EDI into customers’ business systems and processes.

In addition to our software and support services, we maintain relationships with colocation providers in several US cities to provide our customers with modern and secure data center facilities where they can house their critical systems off-site.  We can even provide system hardware for those customers that do not want to purchase or lease it directly.

While we confidently offer our services to customers in a wide range of industries, we have specialized experience in the marine container shipping industry.  Our customer base includes marine terminal operators, centralized examination stations, and intermodal services companies located in the ports of Los Angeles/Long Beach and New York/New Jersey, as well as in the Chicago area.  We have helped these customers increase their competitive edge by significantly improving their EDI processing efficiency, implementing specialized TOS integrations including US Customs AMS/ACE processing, and creating modern web-based interfaces to their legacy applications.  We maintain excellent working relationships with virtually all major and many smaller ocean carriers, rail carriers, and US Customs.  We are also an active member of CESAC (Customs Eletronic Systems Action Committee) and TOPAS (Terminal Operator and Port Authority Subcommittee for EDI Standards Development).

Leveraging our experience and ongoing involvement with the US Customs AMS and ACE systems, we also offer a unique web-based subscription service designed to shield our customers from the complexity and ongoing changes related to processing AMS/ACE status messages to control the movement of import cargo.  We act as an AMS/ACE service center to receive the detailed status notifications, summarize the resulting status, and present it in an easily understandable format.  We can also integrate the results into terminal operating systems.

We take pride in our ability to provide cost-effective services that give our customers a competitive advantage by allowing them to focus on their core business, not the technologies that drive it.  We are committed to providing an exceptional level of service and support to our customers so that they consider us a strategic partner rather than just another vendor.

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